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Daydream Generation 11

A new recording of an old song, titled "Moss," is on the latest Daydream Generation compilation. Smally at Quixodelic Records (the unofficial label of Impaled Peach) occasionally puts these things together to help cross-promote independent artists.

This isn't the first time Impaled Peach has been featured. Tracks such as "The Cathode Commission" (then "Autumntide"), "Ilium Bromide," and a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Avalanche" have appeared on previous Daydream compilations.

Read what Smally has to say about it, or head straight for the download page to hear about two hours of home-brewed quixodelic audio.

Or, check out "Moss" below:


You Don't Have To Be Fashionable

Impaled Peach has been featured in the very first volume of You Don't Have To Be Fashionable, a compilation of 13 DIY pop tracks by as many artists from around the globe. Songs were curated by With A Messy Head, the project of Parisian graphic designer and musician Pierre C.

You don't have to be fashionable; pop music exists in different colours and shapes. With A Messy Head offers you 13 shades of pop. It's free, but if you want to support the artists, buy their albums and EPs, or just share this compilation.


New video: "All the City Water"


A Tribute to Bill Doss

After the tragic and sudden loss of Bill Doss, a songwriter and musician best known for his contributions to The Olivia Tremor Control, I decided to organize a tribute to his music. Bill's adept psychedelic pop sensibility influenced me and a lot of the other musicians I know, so finding volunteers to help put together a cover compilation wasn't hard.

A month after his passing, A Tribute to Bill Doss is now available for stream and download. I contributed covers of "Last Night I Had a Dream" and "Wings Away." 



Green Flash, Le Freak

Thin and sober, like
evening air,

Le Freak brings its
benign curiosity

To her lips, some
Belgian monk

At a waffle press;
a meteor explodes

In the sky. A sent-
ient gas hovers

Cautiously, then ex-
plores the dim

Recess of my lungs.
Or it glows green,

Then vanishes. It’s
an aggressive brew.

And God bless Amer-
ica for its hop.

That’s something I
haven’t heard in a

While. It latches on
and holds its breath

Like it holds its
head. White and

Swollen, like you’d

It trippels on its
laces, and then I

Said: “My twos are
unshied” and I

Meant it. I grabbed
the bottle instead

Of the glass. Looks
like it only takes

Me two to get un-
shied these days.